HD-Audio Solo Ultra

HD-Audio Solo Ultra 4.4

Changes and enhances the content of DVD and Blu-ray discs
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Access the physical disks and create or edit their images. Perform media remastering and authoring operations, import and export tracks, replace them with high-definition DVD-Audio/Video/Blu-ray content, etc. The suite supports basic ripping and burning.

HD-Audio Solo Ultra is an audio authoring tool that allows you to enhance your WAV, MP3, FLAC, WMA, AIF, and Ogg files, and save them to a high-quality DVD (audio and video) or a Blu-ray disc. Its built-in audio editor will let you upsample your files and upmix them from stereo to a 5.1 output. Besides, this tool comes with basic accessibility options to allow visually impaired users to enjoy its features.

This interesting audio tool accepts not only the audio files already stored in your computer (in any of the formats mentioned above), but also the tracks of your audio CDs, and any WAV/MP3 files you create using its built-in recording engine. These recordings can be made using an external microphone, the line in port of your system, or by capturing it through the existing soundcard. You can combine all these files from different sources in the way you prefer and save them to a standard recordable DVD or Blu-ray disc. The final recording may include just the audio or a combination of audio and still pictures.

In order to make the most of the high-fidelity that DVDs and Blu-rays offer, it is advisable that you enhance your audio files before burning. To do so, HD-Audio Solo Ultra offers you a series of tools not available in inferior versions of the program. Its DVD-Audio Ultra Package allows you to mix the resolution of the five channels available in 5.1 audio tracks, so that the main channels (left, right, and center) can have a resolution of 24/96 kHz, while leaving the other two at 16/48 kHz. The Remastering tool can upsample your audio files up to 196 kHz, and change your plain stereo files into 5.1 surround tracks.

Finally, it is important to note another feature not available in other versions - the possibility of exporting your high-definition and surround files into any other audio formats supported (WAV, FLAC, MP3, etc.). This exporting functionality may include the metadata of certain types of files.

In short, HD-Audio Solo Ultra allows any user (either a novice or advanced user) to create high-definition DVD and Blu-ray audio disc in just a few clicks using their favorite audio tracks.

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  • It includes basic accessibility features for visually impaired users
  • Supports various input options
  • Support for DVD and Blu-ray
  • Well-structured interface with stable panels


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